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  1. 1.     How long will it take to receive my products?

Please see our shipping policy for processing and shipping information.  Shipping Policy

  1. 2.     How do I return a product that did not work or was not used?

Please see our returns page for further information on returning products.  Return Policy

  1. 3.     Can I find the product in a store?

LAveu products are sold exclusively online and through traveling product display shows.



  1. 1.     How can I pay for my products?

Accepted methods of payment are Visa and Mastercard.

  1. 2.     Can I send a money order for a product?

LAveu does not accept money orders. Accepted methods of payment are Visa and Mastercard.



  1. 1.     What are the benefits of the Dead Sea Minerals?

The Dead Sea lies 420 meters (1,378 ft) below sea level and so is the lowest place on earth. The Dead Sea is almost 9 times saltier than the ocean and it is this high salt content that enables people to float effortlessly in the water. Every year, thousands of people come to the Dead Sea from all over the world to experience the Dead Sea’s unique properties –  such as the high mineral content of the waters, the very low content of pollens and other allergens in the atmosphere, the reduced ultraviolet radiation from the sun and the higher atmospheric pressure at this great depth. These exceptional characteristics make the Dead Sea region the largest natural health spa in the world.

Since ancient times, people have used the mineral-rich water, salt, and mud for cosmetic, therapeutic, curative and spa treatments in order to enhance their appearance and treat a variety of skin disorders.  For decades, experts have known that The Dead Sea is the world’s richest source of revitalizing salts, minerals and trace elements. Many of the minerals in these salts are vitally important for many body functions and the unique composition of Dead Sea salts and mud is of great value in both general skincare and the treatment of problematic skin.

Rich in natural minerals, essential & trace elements, Dead Sea Mud, Minerals, Water & Salt form the basis of all of the LAveu.  The properties of the main minerals are as follows:

MAGNESIUM – The magnesium concentration in the Dead Sea is around fifteen times higher than in salts in other seas.  Magnesium is vital for cell metabolism by activating enzymes to accelerate cell renewal.

SODIUM – Provides energy to skin cells.  Sodium ions remove dead skin (scales) and improve the skin’s permeability.  After penetrating the skin, the ions bind with water to improve skin elasticity.

POTASSIUM – Improves oxidation and is another energy source to skin cells.

BROMIDE – The bromide concentration in the Dead Sea is around 50 times higher than regular salts.  Soothes and treats skin ailments.

CHLORIDE – Vital for cell metabolism and mineral (alkaline & acid) balance in the body.

CALCIUM – Vital for strengthening cell membranes, cleansing pores and easing pain.

BITUMEN – A natural anti-inflammatory agent.

IODINE – Vital for energy & cell metabolism.

ZINC – Vital part of enzymatic regulation of cell proliferation.

  1. 2.     Is the product hypo-allergenic?

All products have been RIPT tested (Repeat Insult Patch Test). Therefore, can be classified as ‘Non-Irritating’, ‘Clinically Tested’ or ‘Allergy Tested’.   However, you cannot note them as ‘Hypo-Allergenic’ as they have not been tested as such.

  1. 3.     Does the product contain sunscreen?


  1. 4.     Is this product tested on animals?

NO.  All products are clearly marked with the ‘not tested on animals’ icon.

  1. 5.     Can I get the same product in a different size?

All available sizes are listed in our online store. Check back for additions in products and sizes.

  1. 6.     When will there be new stock?

LAveu routinely updates our products.